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Safe-Kard: About

Our parent, Desktop Alert Inc. is the exclusive distributor for Safe-Kard technologies to all U.S. Federal, State and Municipal agencies.

When lives are at stake, every second counts in a real-world emergency.

Safety is of universal concern.  Its solution is not an either/or scenario.

Safety connectivity should reach everyone everywhere achievable, and no better placement than at everyone’s fingertips, the most common device in the world, your hand.

Safe-Kard combines location and signal technology using LoRa, RFID and NFR technology.

Safe-Kard technology was invented when a victim was immobilized in a skiing accident and suddenly realized he was in real trouble, and needed real help, right now, right at his fingertips.
Our industry proven One Click-One-Press Panic Devices:

Desktop Alert Wins 2016 GSN
Homeland Security Award For Best Mass Notification System

Best Mass Notification Award based on the U.S. Air National Guard enterprise deployment of Desktop Alert. Best Regional or National Public Safety Communications Award based on Desktop Alert enterprise deployments at Northern Command, NORAD, National Guard, FEMA HQ, USAFSC and most U.S. Army forts and installations nationwide.

2014 GSN Homeland Security Awards
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