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Panic Button Technology – Schedule a webinar, get one fully functional panic button for one year FREE!

Schedule a Free Webinar – Get one FREE Virtual Panic Button for One Year NO COST in about 24 hours!  Includes all Phone and SMS costs!

Yes, that is correct.  We will give you a real assignable shortcut ICON for usage on all of your desktops for one year free.  When clicked, you will be able to email, text and call  up to 10 people with a single custom message such as “There is a problem at the reception desk”.  You choose the message content.  This is our way of proving to you the veracity of our product line!

PanicButton.US offers a variety of alerting technologies that serve a variety mass notification requirements.  PanicButton.US operates on your existing computational infrastructure. Panic buttons execute emergency notification scenarios with a simple press of the button. Activation of the panic button triggers alerts through a wide array of notification technologies such as Metis Secure Alert Stations, Desktop Alert Notifications, digital signage, intercom systems, fire alarm interface, telephone alerting, email alerts and more.

Optionally, Panic Buttons can be individually configured to users based on title, role or building location.  Installation is as simple as plugging in a USB connection and affixing the unit to a desk, wall or other desired area.

IP Panic Buttons: A Digital Hotline to First Responders

If an emergency strikes your site, your ability to respond effectively will rely in part on how quickly people in trouble can let you know they need help. Sometimes, your people may need to discreetly summon help—for example, when an agitated person in your lobby confronts a receptionist. Or, they may need to call for help while on the move.

Why Choose Our Alerting Products

Raw Speed

Our alerting products are the fastest in the marketplace with less than one minute alerting!

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No Training Required

If you can click a mouse or press a button you can use our intuitive alerting platform!

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State of the Art

Our alerting system and products operate on your existing computational infrastructure!

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